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= Fall on me = Everyone has a wound in their hearts.My sadness and anger are nothing special.I’m just a vulnerable child.I should not show sadness. I know….But please allow me to cry only in this place. Surrounded by quiet darkness, I sink deep into my heart. Romazin Top BtatinaTentacio Gabrielle bouquet @Mindful Cove … Continue reading Forgive me to be rainy

Dress “Lada” Green-Yellow / :: ANTAYA ::80’s Diamond Chain Necklace / UNDERTIED@VINTAGE FAIR Kaleidoscope Glasses / Ahegao@Main store PKC Brat Earrings / PKC Accessoires & Bento Jewelry@Main store My Alejandra YELLOW / MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt@Main store VIP Photo Booth – Dreaming Room / FOXCITY.@Main store H0210 hair / tram@Main store … Continue reading Twiggy fashion

[c.A.] Clementina Red [Hat] / [chocolate atelier]Lin Blast-Off Bronze / Ecru Couture@VINTAGE FAIR Eye Diamond / PKC Accessoires & Bento JewelryPrayers Mouth Piece / PKC Accessoires & Bento Jewelry@PKC Main store Emmy Necklace / KUNGLERSEmmy Earring / KUNGLERS@Main store K0415 hair / tram@Main store

Boho Style Vintage dress(Aqua) / :..Silvery K..:Bracelet & Sandal : Boho Chic Summer Light / :..Silvery K..:@VINTAGE FAIR Bag : Wicked / DDL Accessories@Main store Hair : Vicky Hair ‘Naturals Pack’ / RAMA.SALON@Equal10

1.::GB:: Cyber catharsis Cord bag (F) RARE / Gabriel3.::GB:: Cyber catharsis Vest (F) Pink / Gabriel6.::GB:: Cyber catharsis Arm (F) Pink / Gabriel9.::GB:: Cyber ultimate Pants (F) Pink / Gabriel12.::GB:: Cyber ultimate Boots (F) Pink / GabrielGabriel Mainstore Back drop : ARCANA pink (Light) / zeroichiHead piece : Sensor Unit MUSUBI / Butanik83Cyber Fair Brain … Continue reading RUN

The flowers in my garden bloom in sequence, as if sharing space with sunlight. In spring, Christmas roses first bloom, then violets, and then dandelions.I love their honesty very much. わたしの庭の花たちは、まるで日光と空間を分け合うように、順番に花を咲かせます。春になると最初にクリスマスローズが咲き、次にスミレが咲き、そしてタンポポが咲きます。彼らのその生真面目さを、私はとても愛しく感じます。 AVALON Top / LUXE ParisAVALON Long Skirt / LUXE Paris Elf harmony CROWN / -Sorumin-SYLVIA NECKLACES / AvaWayPensri Set / Zibska Finley Mesh Hair … Continue reading Breath of flowers

Nowadays, the enjoyment of taking pictures with the theme of “AZATO KAWAII” is spreading among Japanese people. It is difficult to translate “AZATO KAWAII” into English. I think it’s a nuance like “She knows she’s kawaii, but I forgive for her everything!”.lol 私も #つばさチャレンジ で、”あざとカワイイ”に挑戦〜!!! Teresa – Top White-Black / HEROHappy Pool – Giraffe / … Continue reading Lemon Girl / AZATO KAWAII Challenge

Hummingbird. Tell me how to flap your wings.I want to soar high in the sky today. PROMESSE Gown / LUXE ParisPROMESSE Heels / LUXE ParisPROMESSE Tattoo / LUXE ParisLUXE Paris mainstore UZYUM*HEADDRESS(Niger) / ROZOREGALIAGYOKURAN*EARRINGS / ROZOREGALIA Cece hairstyle / DOUX VIP Photo Booth – Peach Galleria / FOXCITY

a little noisy these days…… Concentration. Believe in yourself.Look at yourself. Remember what you wanted to be.Focus on what you need to do. Concentration……. 近頃すこし、雑音が多い気がする。。。 集中して。 自分を信じて。自分を見つめて。 どんな自分になりたいと思っていたのか思い出して。そして自分のやるべきことに照準を合わせて。 集中。。。。。 ::Hair::CP009 / KMH ✨Cyber fair✨ ::Gun::1911 PLUS Pistol / [SAC] ✨TWS✨ ::Accessory::Eyes mask Aqua / zeroichiAC Helmet for hip (cyan) / zeroichi ✨Cyber fair✨ ::Outfit::K/E/N Tekkou[Silver] … Continue reading Concentration……

When I learned about the “Art as Mindfulness” project along with the challenges of MISS SL’s 2nd Photo Challenge, I was just in a psychologically distressed state. Despaired by my powerlessness, I felt only anxious about the unseen future.That’s why this challenge photo shows the storm in my heart and the struggling figure. Mindful Cove, … Continue reading Iron Feather

I would like to introduce a project “Art as Mindfulness” launched by MISS SL ♛ 2020 Ella Pavlona. Ella is the one who keeps presenting great works on Flickr. The reason for the beauty of her work was revealed in this project. MISS SL ♛ 2020 Ella Pavlonaが立ち上げた「Art as Mindfulness」というプロジェクトを紹介したいと思います。EllaはFlickrで素晴らしい作品を発表し続けているかたです。彼女の作品の美しさの理由が、このプロジェクトで明らかになりました。 “Art as Mindfulness” focuses on … Continue reading Art as Mindfulness

From this month, I will start as a blogger for LUXE PARIS.This outfit is the adult chic top and pants setup. I took a picture with the image of going shopping with friends. 今月からLUXE PARISさんのブロガーをさせていただことになりました♪今回のアウトフィットは大人シックなセットアップ。お友達とのショッピングへお出かけするイメージで撮ってみました。 MINX Bodice & Pant / LUXE PARIS✨NEW Releases at the main store✨ ::Accessories & Bag::Vesper Glasses / :: DEEP STATIC … Continue reading -MINX- LUXE PARIS