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It’s not a bad thing to be selfish sometimes!

Mainstore[monso] Mel2 Hair{le fil cassé} Nevada Dress/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX CEYLON 3.1

It’s really important!

Anthem[monso] Suse Hair

AccessPalette – Wednesday

Along with darker nights.

Anthem[monso] Suse Hair

Kustom9Palette – Koa Set

Or else what?

Collabor88[monso] Meiko Hair

Kustom9 (soon)[The Forge] Lexie Bodysuit

shizuka need new profile pic, shizuka get new profile pic

Hentai FairCarpe Noctem. “Marin” School Top

KinkyCarpe Noctem. “Marin” School Skirt

MainstoreCarpe Noctem. Group Gift Pose 1[monso] Marin Hair

The weather suddenly turned cold.

Mainstore[monso] Meiko HairPalette – Britney TopPalette – Britney SleevesPalette – Britney SkirtPalette – Britney Panties/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX CEYLON 3.1

Who remembers what colors their dreams are?

Kustom9Palette – Nala TopPalette – Nala Shorts

Mainstore[monso] Anto Hair/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX CEYLON 3.1

City rainfall is sometimes kind of polluted. It’s not a very enjoyable thought!

Kustom9[The Forge] Bad Guy Bra[The Forge] Bad Guy Jacket[The Forge] Bad Guy Shorts[The Forge] Bad Guy Boots

Seeing through rain and fog is no problem if you can find hacky tech to do it for you. Allegedly, of course. This is an ad commission for The Forge. Do not contact me for photo or mesh commissions. All commissions are closed. Mainstore[The Forge] Psy Bodice[The Forge] Psy Boots[The Forge] Psy Queen Headset[The Forge] … More Enhanced Sight Technologies

It’s going to be warm soon! At least, I hope.

Neo-Japan[monso] Moni Hair[monso] Moni Hair (bangs)

MainstoreCarpe Noctem. “Allie” Knit Dress

I love dangos! Honestly, when I can travel to Taiwan again I will make sure to get some. It’s a Friday night and I haven’t gotten much done. On the bright side, holiday season is here soon! blanc.TOP1SALON – HD GAIA EYELINERTOP1SALON – HD HEARTBEAT LIPSTICK PALE Equal10Lyrium. Cute Bear Dango Candy Mainstore/ HEAD / … More Dango Snack