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I don’t know what a pink day is like, but I’m sure it’s pretty! There are lots of beautiful scenes in the world.

I want to see the world’s natural beauty. Unfortunately, climate change is messing a lot of it up.


I wonder if there is someone out there with not a single physical scar. It would mean they never got a scarring injury. I had a few scars as a kid, but they mostly faded as I grew up. I’m sure if I got scarred now, it would be much more visible. Uber[Glam Affair] Rayne … More No Scars

The teacher probably won’t allow it, but who cares? I haven’t tried bringing a stuffed animal to school before.

Honestly, before I even realized, I was already in middle and high school. I only really had two years of elementary.

What’s up here, I wonder? I don’t really know.

Upper floors and basements can be interesting. I’ve only really lived on the first floor, though.

Harajukukotte – casual joggers

The Warehouse SaleTROPIX // Factory Pl…

It’s fun to look around! I haven’t walked around in ages.

I’m running super late this month. It can’t be helped, though!

Tres ChicSintiklia – Hair Margot

Collabor88 (September)=Zenith=Evette (outfit)=Zenith=E…

I’d like to go on one! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an adventure.

I want to go somewhere fun. Unfortunately, the world just isn’t very fun right now.


It’s still light out! Unfortunately, the sun is setting earlier these days.

It’s going to be winter soon. I don’t like the dark.

Neo-Japan[Glitzz] Akami Dress* M^2 * Japanese City Complex #5 “The arch”violetta. …

There’s nothing better than starting a day out clean and fresh, and ending the day clean and fresh. Unfortunately, showering twice a day really dries out my skin.

When it’s really warm, I definitely shower twice. It’s impossib…

Everyone has things they must remember! I tend to forget these though.

I do remember useless things. This skill is good for trivia nights!

Access.Olive. the Lisa Hair

Mainstore::{u.f.o}::Blooming set – top::{u.f.o}::Blooming set &#8…

I don’t know what the lifestyle of a kunoichi is like at all! I assume it’s very rigorous. Today is kind of a slow day. I need to get more stuff done! We ❤ Roleplay (September)=Zenith=Sparrow Dress=Zenith=Sparrow Gloves=Zenith=Sparrow Shoes=Zenith=Sparrow Sword Mainstore.Olive. the Lyric Hair

It’d be nice to be able to take a vacation whenever! Unfortunately, I am an adult with responsibilities.

On the plus side, it’s almost holiday season! I am looking forward to it this year.

Uber=Zenith=Alyssa (outfit)=Zenith=Alyss…

Summer fruits are the best fruits! I love going to Taiwan in the summer, partly because of the fruits. It’s been such a long time since I’ve traveled. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I’ll probably say it a million more before COVID is through. School DayPsycho Pills – Minah Skin // … More Late Summer Fruity