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Pink is usually a morning color. Orange is usually an evening color.

I’m getting kind of sleepy. Today I did not injest nearly enough caffeine.

Anthem (July)=Zenith=Gisselle Dress (All)

Equal10Amitie Albero Poses Pack 01


It’s nice when it’s not too hot. Of course, those days are ending. I think we keep hitting new record highs every year. Is it even possible to live without air conditioning at this point? UberMINIMAL – Cala Bonita Scene LEVEL*HolliPocket* Mishie Lingerie-sunny ❤ Mainstore*Tentacio* Suculenta lover bouquet

I’d like to nap right now! It sounds great!

Unfortunately, I have work to do. That’s usually how it goes, isn’t it?

The ArcadeMINIMAL – Ceiling Lamps Collection Gacha #1MINIMAL – Ceiling Lamps Collection Gacha R…

Sometimes, there is a pink day! I don’t really know how often that is, though.

I am tired! Such is life, though.

Kustom9cheezu. summer pin set

blanc.cheezu. sunny dress

Mainstoretaikou / rainbow pride choco (hold – L)

It’s important to keep moving! Staying in the same place too long can get tedious.

I’m waiting for the day when I can travel again. It really has been too long.

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I often have a short attention span! Then again, maybe things just aren’t interesting?

Hopefully this weekend I can finally get some sleep. I sure as hell need it!

Planet29{Nyaru} – Yuqi Lipstick

Access.Olive. the Everyglow Ha…

It’s more like Independence Month instead of Independence Day with the amount of fireworks that have been going off all month. Of course, it’s extra bad on the fourth. I’m kind of sick of hearing booms constantly. I get why people want cause to celebrate, especially this year, though. Tres ChicSintiklia – Hair Madelyn Planet29*HolliPocket* … More Early Independence Sparklers

Who doesn’t love jelly fries? Actually, I don’t know the answer to this question because I’ve never tried them.

I love trying new foods all the time. One of my favorite parts of traveling is the authentic food!


I hope I have everything. Honestly, I probably don’t.

I used to forget stuff all the time. The school janitor had to let me into my classroom on many, many occasions.

Blanc.Olive. the Solstice Hair

School DayCarpe Noctem. “Man…

It’s hard to find things that fit you perfectly! When you find them though, that’s the best!

Also, there’s the changing nature of people to consider. Sometimes fitting now doesn’t mean it’ll be fitting later!


It’s late, but better late than never! I am still behind, but today I must get caught up!

I’ve got a lot to do still. That can’t really be helped, though.


Who knows what you’ll find? I sure as hell don’t.

In other news, I have to get back into things, but I’m feeling lazy. Final Fantasy is too fun!

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