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Traveling is something I’d like to do as long as I can! Of course, traveling now is difficult due to my career.

The pandemic will hopefully be over soon. My travel plans have been super delayed.

Equal10Belle Epoque – Lucy –…

Yes, there’s more lace! Actually, I would have posted more pictures, but I got caught up with life.

Today was a sleepy day. I didn’t do much, which in retrospect is probably a mistake.

Cosmopolitan[^.^Ayashi^.^] Takae hair


←me – my alt→ I always loved lace, and it’s great that it’s a lot more popular now! In the past, lace was hard to find. Some days I think about how far we’ve come from the days of system layers and flexi skirts. I don’t know how I thought SL was pretty during that … More Fans of Lace

How much of our traveling is habitual routes? I wonder if the information could be used in data collection. Honestly, I’m sure anything and everything is used in data collection. Of course, most of it is just sold, but I wonder what the data could yield if someone were to use it honestly. MainstoreTETRA – … More Actions and Habits

Nature means elves right? Of course, unless you’re a high elf. It’s 4am and I’m exhausted. There’s still fucking work to be done. Chronicles & LegendsCarpe Noctem. “Butterfly Fae” Ear Cuff-Sorumin- Elf harmony CROWN Equal10[Heaux] Ellie – Dark Brows – Ivory (skin)[Glam Affair x Heaux] Ears – Ivory Mainstore-Sorumin- Pearl Hair Clips (two) #1/ HEAD … More Garden Elf

With all the addictive additives, it might not be a surprise to find actual cola fiends. I don’t really drink coke much, though. My drink of choice is probably Korean soft drinks or Taiwanese boba. It’s just what I grew up with. FaMESHed X[The Forge] Zarina Top[The Forge] Zarina Panties Equal10Amitie Backdrop Room Cola – … More Cola Fiend

I love the rain, but the sun is the best. It’s been warm here.

My PC always heats up my room. Currently it’s 80 degrees, just like summer.

FaMESHedOPALE . Kari Hair

Uber=Zenith=Lea Shirt & Long Dress

Equal10– Swee…