Photography and Model - MISS SL ♛ 2021, Ella Pavlona

Art as Mindfulness

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is so easy for us to get overwhelmed with our surrounding situations. Therefore, we lose the ability to be fully aware of the present, where we are, and what we’re doing; most importantly, we lose touch with our own feelings and emotions. Being equipped with self-awareness makes us more capable of reflecting on our experiences and daily life. It also keeps us in check not to get overly reactive or consumed by what’s going on around us, making it easier to deal with hardships and stress.

The “Art as Mindfulness” project aims to introduce the residents of Second Life to the use of art as a way to keep track of our feelings and emotions. Inspired by art therapy methods, the project is focused on the process of art creations rather than the artwork itself. We hope to encourage the participants to carefully identify and describe the feelings they have been bottling up inside through the process of photography. In the end, we hope that the participants will have with them the methods they’ve learned to use whenever they need it.

The events associated with the project are held at “Mindful Cove,” a community region in Second Life where activities that support emotional and mental well-being also occur.

Mindful Cove

Mindful Cove is a place mainly designed and created by MISS SL 2021, Ella Pavlona to invite and support residents and models for Art as Mindfulness

Mindful Cove is a community gateway region, sponsored by Linden Lab, serving as entry point for new residents to help their first steps in Second Life.

Model Mind

Model Mind is a group introduced by MISS SL Ethiopia, Tiy, to encourage a discourse about mental health in Second Life, especially aimed at models and pageant candidates. 



If you have any question about Art as Mindfulness, Mind Cove or Model Mind, please see our FAQ’s here and feel free to contact us