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Tune 🎧 ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ Weapon & Pose : SAC[SAC] BK-27 Mod.0 Auto Cannon[SAC] BK-27 Mod.0 PosesExclusive at The Warehouse Sale 23 June – 18 July 2022 Shirts : Gabriel::GB::Off-shoulder shirt 2022Exclusive at The Warehouse Sale 23 June – 18 July 2022 Jaw protector : [ContraptioN][ContraptioN] Theraphosidae JawsExclusive at … Continue reading Hero

Stealthic  Dice Hair TP to Equal10Addams// Rio Outfit // MEGAPACK (maitreya)CKEY Poses  Cadu series 

L’Emporio&PL ::*Amuletum Wicca*::-BENTO accessorie DEAD DOLL PRIDE T-Shirt DOUX  Francesca hairstyle Tres Chic OSMIA  Sunny.Ripped Denim ShortsKOPFKINO   Mediterranean Kitchen – Wine Island blu…

 [monso]  Mara Hair for FameshedYOSHI Alina II Eyes  SL20 EventCODEX AKIO EARRINGS SET (LeLutka )DS’ELLES  INAYA  LeLutka  HEAD APPLIER DUBAILeLutka  Ceylon Head 3.1&n…

Addams Exclusive // Sadie Outfit //  L$60 Happy Weekend  [monso]  Aurora Hair for HairFair2022:LW: BENTO Poses  Buttercups  

Tune 🎧 Dress : POISON ROUGEPOISON ROUGE Allie DressAvailable in 10 Textures for Maitreya & Legacy(Black, Pink, Red, White, Blue flowers, Little flowers, Pink flowers, Red flowers, Rust flowers, Yellow flowers)Exclusive at Summerfest (June 18 – July 10) Hair : monso[monso] Cherri2 Hair

Tune 🎧 ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ Sweets : Mamere[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve(Mango)[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve(Matcha)[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve(Milktea)[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve cupExclusive at Tokyo Zero 10 – 25 June 2022 Hair : ZAOZAO Magic HairExclusive at Harajuku Event 20 June – 10 July 2022 Ahoge : {Rosier}{Rosier} / Ahoge Pack … Continue reading Delicious time♡

DOUX  Francesca hairstyle Tres Chic   SCANDALIZE IBIZA set- Sweet Art – Siren Pool Floaty Set TP to Equal10 

IKON Legend Eyes  DuskCODEX HELMS EARRINGS FATPACK (LeLutka )  DEAD DOLL  Leelu Top[Glam Affair] Kristina Skin [LeLutka  EvoX] ACCESS :NiFty: NADA shape for LeLutka  CEYLON…