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“See those people over there,” Harper said as she casually pointed to the people a little ways away. “Mmhmm,” Rya replied as she settled down next to her friend. “What’s with them?” “They’ve been saying some things, and what they said isn’t going to fly with me.” Rya was already getting back up. “Let’s go … Continue reading •{ Talking . . .

Siren Tail + / {Aii & Ego}[AERTH] Augur Staff Gold@Aii & Ego Main store Rigged shell bra / :: ANTAYA ::@:: ANTAYA :: Main store Halo of fins / DREAMCATCHER@DREAMCATCHER Main store… Breeze necklace / [AlternatiVe]Breeze collar / [AlternatiVe]@ [AlternatiVe] Main store Lexie headdress / {Limerence}Lexie earring / {Limerence}@{Limerence} Main store … Continue reading Illusion in the deep sea

Head: Lelutka LillyBody: Legacy PerkyHair:Doux – YukaAccesories:Halo “Equilibrium” Static by :: ANTAYA :: Insomnia Angel . crystal tearsPromagic Maa Earrings[Formanails]  Kalisha Outfit:Crystal Arm by [[ MASOOM ]] – Availa…

Dress “Lada” Green-Yellow / :: ANTAYA ::80’s Diamond Chain Necklace / UNDERTIED@VINTAGE FAIR Kaleidoscope Glasses / Ahegao@Main store PKC Brat Earrings / PKC Accessoires & Bento Jewelry@Main store My Alejandra YELLOW / MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt@Main store VIP Photo Booth – Dreaming Room / FOXCITY.@Main store H0210 hair / tram@Main store … Continue reading Twiggy fashion