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The combination of leather and metals always has been particularly appealing to men and you will find GABRIEL’s new release at the Engine Room ‘s March/April 2022 round has all what it needs to be the perfect work- and adventure outfit for a man. Be it is the Steam Jacket, W Suspenders Pants or the

[ Large size ] . Coming soon @NEO JAPAN (2022.03.26~04.17) Skin : avarosa / [avarosa] Hani LeL EVO X – I […]

[ Large size ] . @Engine Room (~2022.04.20) Costume : GABRIEL [AD]::GB:: Steam Jacket / Brown::GB:: W Suspende […]

The future does not have to be dark and cold. With GABRIEL’s new S-Conquest Outfit at the Cyber Fair’s March ’22 round you are the sexiest of the future warriors. The S-Conquest Jacket and the Metal Belt Pants are each available in white and black, or all together in a fatpack, too. To complete your

[ Large size ] . @Uber (~2022.02.22) Costume : GABRIEL::GB:: WZip Jacket / FATPACK::GB:: ZIp Slim pants / FATP […]

– CREDITS – _________________________________________SHOES: Winter boots – Vale koerGLASSES: Happy holidays previous group gift – DRDBOTTOM:Addams skirtStocks are a previous gift from SL BirthdayTOP: Previous christmas gift from Blueberry ___…

[ Large size ] . @COLLABOR88 (~2021.10.06) Hair : Tableau Vivant / Tableau Vivant – Seraph hair– N […]

The future is bright and colorful with the GABRIEL Cyber Idol outfit, newly released for our beautiful ladies at the Cyber fair’s September round! The outfit consists of the Cyber Idol Bra, Skirt, Boots and Devil & Angel wings, each available in 4 colors. You can buy all items and all  colors seperately or get

BLOG:!! Here I’m showing some items that I bhought some weeks ago, somehow I get to buy things that I do not use more than onc…

Waaaa I’m in love with this dress and undershirt, it’s so nice and they go pretty good with my animal printed boots, both come with a hud for coloring options. I’m showing as well this skybox that comes with a hud for changing the lights color and the …

[ Large size ] . @Japonica (~2021.07.20) Hair : **DP**YUMYUM / *barberyumyum*P16(02)– Non-Rigged / 2 sty […]

The future needs strong women and GABRIEL provides the gear for our ladies, to be prepared for the challenges the future holds. The Cyber Catharsis gacha for women is available at the GABRIEL mainstore, offering the vest, pants, boots and cyber arm for play and the Color Cord Bag is the rare item of the