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Credits Roberto Henley Tshirt by RL Fashion (Jail Event) (September 10th – 30th) Pose:  Solitude by [piXit] (Jail Event) (September 10th – 30th) Bellamy Cargo Pants by Matova Nerdy Glasses by BALACLAVA Umbre Bag by David Heather [Blake] Double Sided Bench by Sway’s Septum piercing: Double Stud Septum by PUNCH Ear piercings: Loke rigged Ear Piercings by Artificial Hallucination Hair:  Dalton by Modulus Head: Daniel by Catwa … More Too Late

HAIR: MONSO – JAY2 HAIR at NEO-JAPAN SL EVENT from 25th September to 17th October 2021 SKIN: STRAY DOG-IORI LELUTKA TONE 01 at NEO-JAPAN SL EVENT from 25th September to 17th October 2021 MESH HEAD: LeLUTKA – EON 3.1 (Evolution Xtreme (Evo X) is the Evolution line extension. Youwill get all the Evolution line features […]


Tai Shorts by Allure Couture (Jail Event) (August 10th – 30th)
Monstera Plant by Noveny (Jail Event) (August 10th – 30th)
Sink / Mirror / Cactus / Robe / Hamper:  Rila by David Heather
Pose:  Cinema Verite by Gingerfish Poses
Hair:  B103 by D…

HAIR: DOUX – Toxic Hairstyle at LEVEL EVENT AUGUST 1st to AUGUST 24th, 2021. GLASSES: KOSMII – Druzy Glasses at mainstore DRINK on HAND: HIVE – TIPSY TUMBLER at Mainstore HAT: DAVID HEATHER – Hades Wide Brim Hat/Black 1 at mainstore OUTFIT (TOP/SHORTS) : DAVID HEATHER – DUST OUTFIT at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from […]

 David Heather Duni Pants2 BlackDavid Heather Desi Turtleneck BlackDavid Heather Mio Fur StoleNoche Nick Solid CropMinimal Evolved BeltSwallow Three Crosses NecklacesMandala Billionaire Smexy BraceletsReal Evil Janus RingsDazed Freaktard Glasses O…


Dust Shirt & Shorts by David Heather (The Mens Dept) (August 5th – 31st)
Nerdy Glasses by BALACLAVA
Hair:  Gael by Modulus
Head: Daniel by Catwa
Body: Jake by Belleza

Come on and let the bliss begin


Sweater / Pants / Sandals:  Oman by David Heather (The Mens Dept) (July 5th – 30th)
Pose by me via Anypose
Hair: Leon by DOUX
Head: Daniel by Catwa
Body: Jake by Belleza

HAIR: DOUX – Babyrose Hairstyle at mainstore RINGs/BRACELETs: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Ventu Rings & Bracelets at The Mens Department , JUNE 5th to 30th, 2021. OUTFIT: DAVID HEATHER – ACRE OUTFIT (Hat, slippers, top and shorts) at The Mens Department JUNE 5th to 30th 2021 DOG: REZZ ROOM – Beagle Puppy + Adult Animesh (Companion) […]


Shirt / Shorts / Sandals:  Acre by David Heather by David Heather (The Mens Dept) (June 5th – 30th)
Sunglasses by Lexington (Jail Event) (June 10th – 30th)
Pose by MDC (Jail Event) (June 10th – 30th)
Hair:  TZ0525 by WINGS
Head: Daniel by Cat…

HAIR: DOUX – Ryancita Hairstyle at KUSTOM 9 from 15th MAY 2021 to 10th JUNE 2021. DRINK on HAND: HIVE x TAIKOU – hive x taikou // boba tea . hold at at KUSTOM 9 from 15th MAY 2021 to 10th JUNE 2021. RING: [DOPE+MERCY] – “LOSE” Ring , (L’Homme Magazine SL Readers’ Gift May […]

I’m too tired to function but too lost to sleep Credits Sofa / Coffee Table / Book Decor / Champagne / Bag Decor / Frames:  Empiro Living Room Set by  by David Heather (FaMESHed) Paper Clip Wool Cap by DAE S21 Classic Shirt by CheerNo (Jail Event) (May 10th – 30th) Syrio Men’s Leggings (Occult Pack) … More All These Thoughts


Jacket / Jeans / Boots:  Ledar Outfit by David Heather (The Mens Dept) (May 5th – 31st)
Salvatore Crown by 4BIDDEN
Backdrop by MINIMAL
Pose by me via AnyPose
Benny hairbase by Fuoey
Head:  Skyler by Lelutka
Body: Jake by Belleza