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ROZOREGALIA_UZYUM*BLINDFOLD&VEIL(Nowaki)@Uber ROZOREGALIA_UZYUM*EARRINGS(Deep breath)&VEIL@FaMESHed ROZOREGALIA_VISCUM*RING@ROZOREGALIA Main store Greta Top – Maitreya / Bauhaus Movement@Bauhaus Movement Main store K0729 hair / tram@tram Main store

Hair: MODULUS – LUCA HAIR , at FaMESHed SEPTEMBER 1st – 31st, 2021. BRACELET & RINGS: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Primal rings and bracelets at MAINSTORE TATTOO: VEGAS TATTOO– Chrysanthemum 282 (EVOx) at UBER from AUGUST 25th to SEPT 22nd 2021 HARNESS,TIE,PANTS,BELT: ARCHIVEFACTION – UNHOLY CONGREGATION at SCHOOL DAY EVENT from September 9th CLICK here for […]

*BROKEN ARROWS – Anne Kitchen – Display & Bowls@Fameshed*[InsurreKtion] Grandma Kitchen Deco Set-Basil-Beans Jar-Branch Hanger-Buffet-Chopping Boards-Kitchen Cloth-Laurel Pitcher-Potatoes Plates-Rice Jar-Wooden CutleryCats*[Rezz Room] Box Cat Benga…

Shape,Skin,Hairbase&Brows*STRAY DOG THALES EVOX@Tmd(Show On Eon)Tattoo*DAPPA – Reject Tattoo.@TmdFacial Hair*Volkstone Vito Facial Hair / EVO X@Equal10Puppy*[Rezz Room] Box Corgi Animesh@Fameshed 

HAIRBASE: N E X U S – TUKA at Mainstore NECKLACE: N E X U S – SMR21 chain at WHORE COUTURE FAIR by FLair For Events from September 1st to September 26th 2021 SKIN : N E X U S – JUNIOR EVOx Skin at MEN ONLY AUGUST 20th to SEPTEMBER 15th, 2021. MESH […]

Shirt*//Volver// Joel Shirt with Scarf@FameshedHair*Modulus – Luca Hair@FameshedRings*: CULT : DBD Rings@TmdWatch***RE** Valor Watch@Tmd- 10 Metals (2 zones), 10 Straps (2 zones), 10 Numbers (2 zones), 10 Hands (2 zones), 10 Dials, 10 Screens &a…

[ Large size ] . @FaMESHed (~2021.09.27) Hair : monso / [monso] Hopa Hair /Brown & Blonde– Rigged ha […]

Credits: Hikaru HAIR: MODULUS – DRAVEN Hair at FaMESHed JULY 1st – 31st, 2021. COLLAR: NOCHE – Collar collection Boy at The Epiphany , JULY 15th to AUGUST 12th, 2021. RING: [DOPE+MERCY] – “LOSE” Ring , (L’Homme Magazine SL Readers’ Gift May 2021 issue. TOP AND PANTS: DAMAGED SOCIETY – PINNED HOODIE AND PANTS at […]

If she were alive, she would have continued to fight, without Iron Man or Captain America, or with Thor losing power. I love Natasha♡ Gia Top & Pants / RicielliNatasha Hair / [monso]@FaMESHed Vector SMG v1.11 / [SAC]Vector/Hokuto Poses / [R2xSAC]@[SAC] Main store GIROV – Leg tech / :::SOLE:::@:::SOLE::: Main store kakumeizenya … Continue reading Natasha

HARITI* Brassiere & Thongs / ROZOREGALIA@Kinky Event SARAJULA*EYEPATCH / ROZOREGALIA@Uber HARITI*EARRINGS / ROZOREGALIA@FaMESHed Sand Beaches Set / Fundati@Seraphim The Outlet Southsea Lantern / {what next}@{what next} Main store Pose : Sensual Surrender / Seetra@POSEvent