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October is the month of all the dark things and if you are looking for a mysterious looking style, then the Big Hoodie Coat by GABRIEL, now available at The Dark Style Fair’s October ’21 round is the perfect choice for you! The hoodie is pulled deep enough for you to hide your eyes which

 There are always moments in life where we don’t know where to go, what to do or why are we here (or at least I hope I’m not alone in that), and that’s when I know I need to stop everything and take a deep breath, rest, cry, scream or whatever I n…

With the new Shoulder Off Jacket by GABRIEL at The Men’s Department’s October ’21 round you are not just getting a very cool jacket, but it also includes a stylish tank top which can be changed to white or black color. The Shoulder Off Jacket is available in 4 colors, in black, blue, red and

[ Large size ] . @Uber (~2021.10.22) Hair : Tableau Vivant / Tableau Vivant – Kit hair– Rigged Hai […]

[ Large size ] . @COLLABOR88 (~2021.10.06) Hair : Tableau Vivant / Tableau Vivant – Seraph hair– N […]

Happy Weekend everyone! Right to begin of the weekend you should stop by at the GABRIEL Mainstore and get the Stadium Jacket Set, which includes the Jacket and Pants, as well as a bag and all for just L$50, celebrating the Fifty Linden Friday with an exclusive text design print on the jacket! The jacket,

[ Large size ] . @The Mens Dept (~2021.09.30) Outfit : GABRIEL::GB:: Shoulder off jacket / FATPACK::GB::Layere […]

What’s cooler than a nice jacket for the upcoming fall season? The new Shoulder Off Jacket from GABRIEL, newly released at The Men’s Department’s September ’21 round is adding the ultimate COOL factor to your style. The Shoulder Off Jacket comes in two versions, with a T-Shirt beneath and without, to show off your muscles

[ Large size ] . @The Warehouse Sale (~2021.09.17) Left-Jacket : LANEVO / [LANEVO] LIBERATION Jacket [AD]̵ […]

[ Large size ] . @kustom9 (~2021.06.10) Dress : CHEEZU / cheezu. amelia dress : fatpack– for Maitreya La […]

[ Large size ] . @CYBERPUNK FAIR (~2021.05.30) Jacket : GABRIEL / ::GB::Cyber Jacket / White [AD]– for B […]

It’s the year 2077 and the world has gone mad? Maybe, but you’re staying cool with your Cyber Jacket from GABRIEL, now available at the Cyberpunk fair’s May ’21 round! The jacket is compatible with the Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Legacy mesh bodies and is available in two color variations for the neon trimming,