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 Costume – Jinx : Follytaur 1.0 @ Fantasy Faire 2022Axe – LVL9 Peacemaker’s Tomahawk @ Fantasy Faire 2022Shoulder Armour – Adelicia’s Guardian {Ash} @ Fantasy Faire 2022NECTURN MOON | SLURLSponsored by JinxRegion by Julala Demina and Lil Cinn…

Location : TENPYO Sponsored by Dress : -JELLY- / -JELLY- Hera@Brocéliande Tiara : Schelm / Schelm FF002 – Princess Crystal Tiara – Fantasy@The Chrysalis… Eye : Oiche / Oiche // Elemental Dragon Eye@Living Echoes Peach : Jinx / Jinx : Necturn Moon Hand Orb – Honey@Brocéliande

[ Large size ] . @Okinawa Summer Festival (~2021.08.31) Hair, Dress & Shoes : Mikunch [AD]Mikunch Girl of […]

Tune ? SAHARA Dress / LUXE Paris@LUXE Paris Main store Kitty Garter / NANIKA@NANIKA Main store Feline Hair / Foxy@Foxy Main store SPARKLES BLUSH / AZARAN@Planet29 Clouded Leopard Laying / Jinx@Jinx Main store Photo Booth – Cozy Bedroom / FOXCITY@FOXCITY Main store Poses Azato #1 Set / UZME@UZME … Continue reading Hot……like SAHARA

I thought MISS SL was a never-ending challenge, but it was the day of the finalist presentation. While listening to the opening music, I unexpectedly cried. 終わりのないチャレンジと思っていたMISS SLでしたが、とうとうファイナリストプレゼンテーションの日を迎えました。オープニングの音楽を聴きながら、思いがけず涙が出てしまいました。 In the finalist presentation, the judges asked different questions to each person when they first stood on stage. The finalists were given time to think about the … Continue reading MISS SL Finalist Presentation