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Video from the live broadcast of the NEO-Japan SL fashion show, for the 8th round of the NEO-Japan SL event, kindly provided by Die Villa Media Entertainment. Eleven models, Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre and Takuya Jinn have shown 40 outfits with the newest releases available at the NEO-Japan SL event, which opened on September 25th and will be open until October 17th, 2021.

Hat – [ContraptioN] x TURB – Hunter’s Winter Tricorne

Glasses – [ContraptioN] Ridgeline Spectacles

Mask – [ContraptioN] x TURB – Grim Ripper Mask

Shawl – [ContraptioN] x TURB – Hunter&#8…

Tounge – [The DeadBoy] Morus Tongue

Nosebleed – [The DeadBoy] God Sickness

Bloody Hands – [The DeadBoy] Fear of God Hands

Claws – [The DeadBoy] Raxlas Claws

Legs – [The DeadBoy] Vasimir Legs

Hair – Dura

Head – LeLUTKA Eon Head 3.1

Jaw – [ContraptioN] x TURB – Jaw Protector

Neckpiece – [ContraptioN] [ContraptioN] Lightbender Boa

Jacket – TURB

Visor – [ContraptioN] MS-45 Viso

Hair – :[P]: & Trap: // Fae Hair Head – Lelutka lel EvoX SKYLER 3.1 Eyebrows – Skoll Silas Eyebrows Black Face – /VaeV\ ‚Wizened Remnant‘ BOM/Evo X Exposed Skul Facemark – Ladybird. // Kiki EvoX Necktattoo – !SIDIKA SAKA! Quarum Tattoo / EvoX Teeth – [The DeadBoy] My Ugly Teeth Collar – cinphul // […]

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