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Nowadays, the enjoyment of taking pictures with the theme of “AZATO KAWAII” is spreading among Japanese people. It is difficult to translate “AZATO KAWAII” into English. I think it’s a nuance like “She knows she’s kawaii, but I forgive for her everything!”.lol 私も #つばさチャレンジ で、”あざとカワイイ”に挑戦〜!!! Teresa – Top White-Black / HEROHappy Pool – Giraffe / … Continue reading Lemon Girl / AZATO KAWAII Challenge

The MISS SL 2021 Grand Finale had three runways, one of which was the Victoria’s Secret Challenge. Wear the new outfit provided by POISON ROUGE and enjoy sexy and powerful staging with reference to the actual fashion show! It was an order. MISS SL 2021 グランドフィナーレにはランウェイが3回あり、そのうちの1つがVictoria’s Secret Challengeでした。POISON ROUGEから提供していただいた新作のアウトフィットを着用して、実際のファッションショーを参考に、SEXYでパワフルなステージングを!というオーダーでした。 I coordinated this beautiful line outfit … Continue reading MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021, Lokia Float -Grand Finale- Victoria’s Secret challenge

~It’s the time of the year again! Jingle Bells! Thanks for these people who help me finish my pending blogs. I will still post some pictures in the upcoming days and then I might rest from blogging for a while 🙂