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♚ Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1♚ Skin: [ODIO] SEON SKIN – WARM TONE♚ Eyeshadow: violetta. Sou HD Eyeshadow (Lelutka Evo/EvoX) @ NEO JAPAN♚ Eyebrows: violetta. Maro HD Eyesbrows (Lelutka Evo/EvoX) @ NEO JAPAN♚ Lipstick: violetta. Mei HD Lips (Lelutka Evo/EvoX) @ NEO JAPAN ♚ Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Etsuko – Fatpack♚ Choker: ROZOREGALIA_RAJERAS*CHOKER/Fatpack&VEIL♚ Halo: ROZOREGALIA_RAJERAS*HALO&VEIL♚ Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. Okami […]

[ Large size ] . @NEO JAPAN (~2022.10.16) Eyes : Gloom. / Gloom. – Ryuki Collection – Fatpack [AD] […]

♚ Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1♚ Skin: [Heaux] Laurel – Ghost Special Edition♚ Eyeshadow: [REVERIE] Heavy Heart Eyeshadow [BOM\EvoX]♚ Hair: S-CLUB JIN BLOGERPACK HAIR – 240922 @ NEO JAPAN♚ Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. Okami Earring Swallow Gauged S @ NEO JAPAN♚ Claws: [The DeadBoy] Wanna be my mannequin @ NEO JAPAN♚ Outfit: Ambrosia Trigger @ NEO JAPAN♚ Weapon: [SAC] M9 […]

♚ Hair Pin: Ariskea [Eiko] Lotus Flower hair Pin [All] @ NEO JAPAN♚ Hair: KMH – Hair F208 Fatpack@ NEO JAPAN♚ Outfit: POISON ROUGE Yohji Outfit FATPACK @ NEO JAPAN♚ Wings: kotte – fairy wings – fatpack @ Satan Inc

There’s no other time more exciting than when the NEO-Japan SL event opens and for this 10th round GABRIEL has released the coolest outfit for you guys yet. The Cyber Pilgrim Jacket and Cyber Pilgrim Hakama each are available in 4 colors, Black, Gray, Dark Gray and Blue and if you get the fatpack of

[ Large size ] . @NEO JAPAN (~2022.10.16) Female-Makeup : violetta.violetta. Koi HD Eyeshadow (Lelutka Evo/Evo […]

♚ Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Isumi set @ Neo Japan♚ Shirt: NAMINOKE Lycoris Head dress Review @ Neo Japan♚ Skirt: :..Silvery K..:KimonoMesh(Kenran) @ Neo Japan♚ Pet: [Rezz Room] Box Sakura Cat Animesh @ Neo Japan

♚ Hair: [Ginko Hair] #72 Hair @ NEO JAPAN♚ Visor: :::SOLE::: SCO Kit Visor (Fat Pack) @ NEO JAPAN♚ Emitter: :::SOLE::: SCO Kit Emitter (Fat Pack) @ NEO JAPAN ♚ Weapon: [SAC] M61 Mod.0 VULCAN v1.00 Full Box @ NEO JAPAN♚ Top: A&Y Strike Cyber Jacket Male (ADD) – FullPack @ NEO JAPAN♚ Bottom: A&Y […]

[ Large size ] . @NEO JAPAN (~2022.10.16) Brows, Makeup & Lip : violetta.violetta. Maro HD Eyesbrows (Lelu […]

♚ Hair: Usagi Society – Damselette Hair // FATPACK @ NEO JAPAN♚ Eye Make-Up: Zibska Sakiko Makeup Tattoo Layers @ NEO JAPAN ♚ Accessories (Orbit & Shoulder): Zibska ~ Hitomi Set @ NEO JAPAN♚ Dress: UNA. SASAMI @ NEO JAPAN♚ Masks: ~MR~ONI Mask~FATPACK @ NEO JAPAN♚ Backdrop: Kawaguchi View Backdrop – The Bearded Guy @ […]

♚ Hair: [monso] Yor Hair @ NEO JAPAN♚ Eyeshadow: violetta. Koi HD Eyeshadow (Lelutka Evo/EvoX) @ NEO JAPAN♚ Lipstick: violetta. Mei HD Lips (Lelutka Evo/EvoX) @ NEO JAPAN ♚ Lantern: .Evil Baby. – Hotaru’s Lantern – Fatpack @ NEO JAPAN♚ Claws: PENDULUM – ILBRYN . Claws♚ Dress: cheezu. abyss dress♚ Shoes: [ATROPHIA] Fuyutsuki heels Fatpack […]

[ Large size ] . Coming soon @NEO JAPAN (2022.09.24~10.16) Kimono & Clogs : Silvery K / *:..Silvery K..:*K […]