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Styling from SL FASHION WEEK SPRING / SUMMER 2022APRIL 9 -23 TAXI :… POISON ROUGE Anella BeretAvailable in 7 Textures Hud Resizer/PositionExclusive at SL FASHION WEEK SPRING/SUMMER 2022 Heartsdale Jewellery Designer’s Choice EarringCouture Collection. Designed for the Second Life Fashion Week – Spring/Summer April 9-23 2022 SASCHA’S DESIGNS – Annabelle Seafoam BlouseAddition to … Continue reading ::SLFW:: POISON ROUGE / Heartsdale Jewellery / SASCHA’S DESIGNS

☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ POISON ROUGE Libidine Corset & PantiesAvailable in 13 TexturesExclusive at WHORE COUTURE FAIR (March 1 to 31)… tram L0108 [Rezz Room] Box Sphynx Cat[Rezz Room] x CORAZON. LUNA Tattoo (sphynx)@Rezz

Location : Ruin @Paradiso the landing point, you can use the teleporter to go to Ruin. ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ POISON ROUGE Georgina DressAubergine, Black, Blue, Bluish, Chocolate, Dark green, Garnet, VioletAvailable in 8 Textures Maitreya & LegacyExclusive at ANTHEM 3 – 30 Zibska ~ Desda AdornmentExclusive at Vanity … Continue reading Dance with Falcon

  Hat – POISON ROUGE Nanako Beret @ HONGDAEEarrings – :ANDORE: – :ear-acc: – Archi (EVOX)Sweater – VARSITY / SCOTT TURTLENECK @ Alpha

Dance freely like petals in the wind ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ Zibska Linnie Headpiece, Chest and ShoulderExclusive at SENSE EVENT 18 Feb – 08 tram K0227 POISON ROUGE Gia DressAvailable in 10 texturesExclusive at Kinky Event 28 Feb – 23

Dream with the deep scent of flowers and dance with me Tune🎧 ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ POISON ROUGE Shativa Flower HeadpieceAvailable in 10 textures :Black, Black/Emerald, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/White, Blue, Champagne, Pink, Red, RhapsodyExclusive at COSMOPOLITAN 21 Feb – 5 MIWAS – Hair #Ruri@equal10 10 Feb – 5 Schelm … Continue reading Shativa Flower

In Japan, March 3rd is “Peach Festival -桃の節句 / Momo no Sekku-“, and “雛祭 Hinamatsuri” is held at each family to pray for the healthy growth of children by decorating Hina dolls.The hairpin is a peach flower.The background decoration is “吊るし雛 hanging Hina doll”. ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ POISON ROUGE Momo … Continue reading 桃の節句 -Momo no Sekku-

There are several incredible miracles in life. ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ POISON ROUGE Luna de Granada Wedding Dress(The first dress of the POISON ROUGE Bridal Collection)Option to wear separately Available in: White, Champagne and Rose Fitted for Maitreya & LegacyExclusive at COSMOPOLITAN 7 – 19 POISON ROUGE I am Your … Continue reading Dress for a shining day

 Headpiece – POISON ROUGE Qebehut Headpiece – Gold @ We Love Roleplay EventEye Applier – Landgraff – 2100 @ Tokyo ZeroHarness – [Damaged Society]  // Harness – L’Homme Gift (Group Gift)Cane – Badwolf – Ritual Cane @ The Warehouse Sale EventBa…

Flowers and I stretch out towards the warm sunlight. ☆。,・~~・,。★。,・~~・,。☆。,・~~・,。★Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡ POISON ROUGE Sailor Beret13 Textures. Hud resizer / Position.Exclusive at Hongdae Event 26 Jan – 20 MIWAS – Hair #Kee@MIWAS Main DEAD DOLL – Quinn Sweater@DEAD DOLL Main Konoha – “Jest” Weeds@Konoha Main CCD … Continue reading Warm sunlight

POISON ROUGE Deja VuExclusive at The Warehouse Event Event 23 Jan – 17 +:+WTG+:+la fleurjeweled nail@WTG Main Tableau Vivant – Hairbase se & Alizeh Add-on@Tableau Vivant Main… POISON ROUGE Nitzia Dress@POISON ROUGE Main

 Mask – POISON ROUGE Deja Vu @ The Warehouse EventSkin – [ VENDETTA  ]  RAZIEL EVO X – T4 CLASSIC @ Man Cave  Eye Applier – Landgraff – Hyuga Eyes @ Men OnlyPose Prop – Animosity – Ring Light Pose Pack w/Props @ Men Only