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HAIR: EXILE – TILLY at FaMESHed JUNE 1st – 27th, 2021. MONOCOLE: RD (RISE DESIGN) – ESME MONOCOLE (part of Esme Set) at VINTAGE FAIR EVENT from JUNE 11 to JUNE 21 2021 RINGs/BRACELETs: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Ventu Rings & Bracelets at The Mens Department , JUNE 5th to 30th, 2021. HORN: R.O.T. Studio’s. – […]

I’m me Can’t you see Built of faith and royalty Filled with tonal complexities A queen On her throne Working in on her own I am She She is We Here for the world to see. Wearing: Top: Entice – Moon Glow Top @ Vintage Fair 2021 Makeup: A! Sedgwick Eyeshadows @ Vintage Fair 2021 Hair: … Continue reading •{ Can’t you See . . .