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Spirits’ Crossing ~ Sponsored by The Looking Glass [VIT] /[VIT] VIKING Inky Warpaint @ Fantasy Faire 2023The set has layers bom for forhead /nose and eyes evox, Full Evox, Jaws and chest only and ears evox. FLORO /[Floro] Vanguard Tattoo + Materials@ Fantasy Faire 2023The Vanguard Tattoo was referenced off traditional Hawaiian Tattoos, and as … Sigue leyendo Assassins

On the wreck in the mists of time from Fantasy Faire 2023, some of the inhabitants of the sea continue their lives. Today we surprised one, who, not being used to human eyes, looked at us strangely at first (although later he made such threatening gestures that we had to swim away quickly). But this … Sigue leyendo The Sunken Ship

VENDETTA /TETSUO Skin -LELUTKA EVO X @t NEO JAPAN 2022 (in the store now)It comes with four skin tones (from 4 to 7), shape and neck fix included.[ VENDETTA ] EVO X – T4 TETSUO CLASSIC in the photo. NAMINOKE /HONENOKE Cyber Kimono Male «Botan» @ NEOJAPAN EVENTHONENOKE KIMONO (m) Cyber Botan with different patterns … Sigue leyendo Kyoto nights

VAE VICTIS //Vae Victis\ – «Ahriman» – Draped Horns @ we love rol play eventIt comes with a complete hud to customize each part, with over 14 colors for hrins, metal part, pendulum, drapes, Tattered, and 31 textures for the core. Drapes and pendulum can be on/off. Bring Chest Drape as an extra. PETRICHOR /:[P]:- … Sigue leyendo Playing with life

SVP Poses /SVP Djany Pack @ DreamdaySet with three poses and props: Bag Leather right, [TCoD] ~ Phone Black ~ Left. Pose: SVP Djany 1 y 3 in the photo. ATTRACTIVE store /58 – HOODIE COAT @ In the store nowFitted for for Jake, Legacy, Slink, Gianni and fitmesh classic. Coat and hoodie are on … Sigue leyendo Traveling the world