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Featured: Angel Eyes, Simple Bloom, Signature, RichB. & CKEY Poses 亗 Credits:▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔☰ Phisique ―Evolution Head | LeLUTKA Jon Head 3.1Hairbase | Angel Eyes – ALEX Hairbase Lelutka EvoX @ Hair Fair 2022 – Noirette RegionEyebrow | [Simple Bloom] * EvoX SKYLER * Patricio S-Shaped DIAMONDMesh … Continuar lendo

 Hair – Dura-U117- @ NEO Japan Skin – [ VENDETTA] EVO X – SATO  T2 CLASSIC for Logan Head @ NEO Japan Facial Scars Applier – Hexed – Edu Scars EvoX Tattoo – DAPPA – Inuyasha Tattoo. @ NEO Japan Necklace – Badwolf – Demon Eye necklace @ The Wa…

HAIR: VANGO. – Carter , at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from January 5-31, 2022. NECKLACE: ARCHIVEFACTION – Bound Choker Black , at Equal10 Event January 10th to February 5th, 2022. Nose Chain: ECLIPSE ART STUDIO – KREUZ SEPTUM CHAIN , at mainstore. TATTOO: DAPPA – SUCCUBUS TATTOO , at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from January […]

 Horns – :[P]:- Stranded Swyrl Horns Hair – Exile – Thinking About You Eyes – :[P]:- Eyes – Nareos V.2 @ The Warehouse Sale EventFace Marks Applier – Landgraff – Facial Marks 003 (Evo X) @ Men OnlyFacial Applier – AM. – Michael Facial hair @ Men O…

HAIRBASE: N E X U S – ATON EVO/EVOX at Mainstore BOM SKIN: Clef de Peau – KYLE for EVOX at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from 5th SEPTEMBER till 30th SEPTEMBER 2021. BLUSH: IZZIE – SUMMER BLUSH (EVO/EVOX) at mainstore MESH HEAD : LeLUTKA – EON 3.1 (Evolution Xtreme (Evo X) is the Evolution line […]

HAIR: DURA – ANIME07 , at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from 5th SEPTEMBER till 30th SEPTEMBER 2021. GUN: [SAC] – M870 4 TASK Shotgun v2.00 GOLD , at The Warehouse Sale Event AUGUST 23rd to SEPTEMBER 16th, 2021. EYES: GLOOM. – Futuristic Nymph , at Cyber Fair by Access 1st September 2021 to 25th September […]

 Crown – POISON ROUGE Sound of Silence Crown – Black @ We Love RoleplayHair – DURA – NA01 / AEarrings – QUIXE – Gasi Piercings (EvoX)Skin – [ VENDETTA BOM ]  JOAKIM   FACE –  T4 CLASSIC – EVO LINETattoo – – Watercolor – Broken …

MASK: CONTRAPTION – Masks: Welded Barker Set at The Warehouse Sale Event AUGUST 23rd to SEPTEMBER 16th, 2021 SWORD: CONTRAPTION – Executioner of Enmity’s Blade at mainstore CAPE: BOYS TO THE BONE – Fight Cape (with resize script and optional text) at mainstore. ANIMESH CAPE: AII & EGO – + Heavenly Hagoromo (animesh) at mainstore […]

Hair: KMH – Hair F162 , at mainstore HAIR ORNAMENT: |CerberusXing| – Tricera Kanzashi – Silver , at mainstore. FACE MASK: |CerberusXing| – Merneith (Silver) , at mainstore. NECKLACE: WICCA’s ORIGINALS – Valia Necklace at The Warehouse Sale Event August 23rd to September 16th, 2021 GLOVES: [The DeadBoy] – Killer Gloves , at mainstore CLAWS: […]

Hair: BARBERYUMYUM – S16 , at mainstore. BOM SKIN APPLIER: NOT FOUND – GEN SKIN at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from 5th AUGUST till 30th AUGUST 2021. MESH HEAD: LeLUTKA – GEN (Evolution Xtreme (Evo X) is the Evolution line extension. Youwill get all the Evolution line features plus an extra option, in their custom […]

HAIR: DURA – H2 HAIR (for Cap/helmet) , at mainstore RING: [DOPE+MERCY] – “LOSE” Ring , (L’Homme Magazine SL Readers’ Gift May 2021 issue. Please activate your group tag for L’Homme Magazine SL. Readers Group: , available for the duration of 4th May to 31st July 2021, at [DOPE+MERCY] mainstore. HAT: SHI. – Soteria […]

When the temperatures are skyhigh in the summer months, men love to take their shirts off and allow their skin to cool off a bit. To make it look cool too, GABRIEL releases the Rolled hem jeans at The Warehouse Sale’s August ’21 round, which comes together with the Waist T-Shirt, neatly tucked into the