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[ Large size ] . @The Mens Dept (~2021.07.31) Yukata & Necklace : GABRIEL::GB:: Yukata2021 (M) / Konnezu:: […]

Waaaa I’m in love with this dress and undershirt, it’s so nice and they go pretty good with my animal printed boots, both come with a hud for coloring options. I’m showing as well this skybox that comes with a hud for changing the lights color and the …

Hair – tram J0201 hair(beret Glasses – cheezu. classic glasses Earrings – Air_Simeon Earrings black Mask – [Val’More] – ProtectMask Chroma Scarf – amias – DEJEN collar black Shawl – [ ARCBACK ] – Van Scarf Jacket – NOCHE. Bomber Jacket @Equal10 Gloves – NOCHE. Knit Gloves Essentials Pants – -ODIREN- Alter Pants Umbrella – […]